Node.js RESTful card game

PostgreSQL, Javascript, RESTful web services, JSON, Ajax, Jquery, handlebars

Solo Project
Date: 4th April 2016 - 4th June 2016
Software: HTML, CSS, Node.js, Ajax, Jquery, Handlebars, Express, Javascript

For this multiplayer card game I created with Node.js, I used PostgreSQL, Jquery, Node.js, and Express to create a unique one of a kind multithreaded card game. By utilizing Node.js, my card game application was able to handle multiple user requests and the card game had over 250 players on it the first week without any visible lag.
Through the course of this project, I planned and constructed a multiplayer card game from scratch. The goal of the project was to create a very fun multiplayer card game that operated extremely quickly. The data for the card game was stored in a PostgreSQL database and accessed through Ajax calls. The card game also retrieved data from another card game's RESTful api in the form of JSON and parsed that data to be integrated within the card game system.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Created a massive multiplayer Node.js card game appplication from scratch
  • Learned about Node.js, PostgreSQL, Express, Jquery, Handlebars, Javascript, and Ajax
  • Developed a Node.js application that could handle many requests simultaneously