MySql database for Mock Hospital

MySql, PHP, Microsoft Access, Normalization

Solo Project
Date: 5th Jan 2014 - 5th May 2014
Software: MySql, PHP, Microsoft Access

For this MySql database project, I created a mock database and management system for a mock hospital. The database I created recorded patient data, employee data, drug data, and login times. During the process of constructing the database, I learned about PHP, MySQL, normalization, Microsoft Access, and entity relationship diagrams.
Through the course of this project, I constructed a MySql database and hospital management system from scratch. The goal of the project was to create a database that would be more efficient than modern hospital management systems. By steam lining the PHP code and introducing a process of multithreading, I was able to create a hospital management system that worked extremely quickly.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Created a Hospital management system from scratch
  • Learned about normalization and MySql
  • Developed a system to steam line MySql database connections