Windows Server 2012 virtualization lab

Vmware, hyper-v, and Windows Server 2012 r2 lab

Solo Project
Date: 1st Jan 2016 - 5th May 2016
Operating System: Windows Server 2012 r2

For this virtualization lab, I used Windows Server 2012 r2 on VMware workstation to create a virtual Windows Server 2012 r2 environment. My lab consisted of 5 VMware installations of different types of Windows operating systems connected to the Windows Server via domain networking.
Through the course of this project, I setup a domain structure, used Windows Deployment services and the Pre-boot Execution Environment to remotely install and configure operating systems, created Powershell scripts, configured and installed the Hyper-V role on the Windows Server, worked with Active Directory, setup DNS, setup DCHP, and learned about proper organizational structures.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Created an extensive organizational domain structure
  • Learned advanced Powershell scripting
  • Learned about Active Directory, DNS, the Pre-boot Execution environment, and DHCP