Wireshark Voip lab and Lua Scripting

VOIP, Lau programming, network troubleshooting

Solo Project
Date: 5th Jan 2016 - 5th May 2016
Technologies: Wireshark, Voip, Lua, C++

For this Wireshark IT Voip lab and project, I used Lau scripting and Wireshark to troubleshoot Voip network problems. I worked with a Network Engineer throughout the process to program a Lua script that makes the process of finding Voip problems easier and more efficient. During the process of troubleshooting Voip problems, I learned about Wireshark telephony, Lua scripting, C++, Voip packets, Voip packets, and Voip codexes.
Through the course of this project, I was able to modify the Wireshark open source software to create a program that was able to troubleshoot Voip problems easier and more efficiently. The goal of the project was to create a Wireshark software modification that allowed Network Engineers to find Voip Delay, Jitter, and Packet loss very quickly. By working closely with the Network Engineer and using a custom Measures of voice quality formula, I was able to create a one of a kind Wireshark Voip troubleshooting software modification.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Created a Wireshark Voip modification
  • Learned Voip quality of service, Voip packets, and Measures of voice quality formulas
  • Developed a system to stream line Voip troubleshooting